Wood Vs Metal Sheds

Posted by Garden Shed Shop Admin on August 9, 2016

If you’re looking to invest in a new shed then it stands to reason you are going to want it to be the right type for your needs. You’ll notice when you shop for new shed is that there are many different types for you to choose from. There isn’t necessarily a type that is better than the other, you just need to make sure you choose the type that is best suited to what you need.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is what you want your shed to be made out of. The most popular choices are wood and metal – but what’s best?

Wood Sheds

If you want a shed that looks natural then a wood shed could be the choice for you. These are generally made from natural timbers which make them look natural and great. You’ll need to make sure that you buy wood that has been treated and make sure it is retreated every year in order to make sure that it is well looked after and lasts a long time. The great thing about wood sheds is that the internal temperature is well regulated so you don’t have to worry about this too much.

Metal Sheds

Another choice is to go for a metal shed, which is generally a shed that is considered more heavy duty than a wood shed. Of course as with wood sheds you’ll be able to get metal sheds with their own features and benefits so you need to shop around and find the one that suits you. If you do go for a metal shed then you should go for a resin coated metal to ensure that it doesn’t rust prematurely. You also need to keep an eye out for condensation inside the shed and deal with this quickly if it does occur.

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