Methods To Secure Your Shed From Break-Ins

Posted by Garden Shed Shop Admin on August 9, 2016

Whatever you decide to use your shed for you’ll want it to be as secure as possible. There are people out there that see sheds as easy targets but that is generally because in the past people haven’t taken steps to make sure that their sheds are safe and secure. Thankfully there are steps you can take to secure your shed and make sure that whatever is inside is as safe and sound as possible.

Shed Security

Generally speaking shed security doesn’t need to be complicated or much different to the security of your home or car for example. It is a good idea to try and keep tempting items out of site because you don’t want to encourage people to break in – curtains on a shed window are a good idea for example. Of course locks and security are also a good idea. You need at least one if not two bolts and padlocks on different parts of the door. Make sure that these are installed correctly and are as secure as possible. Of course your shed also needs to be solid otherwise they’ll just break in where they can. Always make sure you lock any doors and windows before you leave your shed unattended.

Garden Security

Keeping your shed safe and sound is about more than the shed itself. You really need to make sure that your garden is secure too – to stop people coming in. It is well worth investing in a set of motion-sensor security lights. The fact that your garden lights up when people step inside is usually enough to put people off of even entering. As much as your shed door needs to be secure so does your garden gate. Invest in decent locks and security for your gate and make sure that the rest of your fencing is as secure as possible too!

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